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    What & where to eat in the Black Hills

  • Food & Drink

    What & where to eat in the Black Hills

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If you're asking yourself where and what to eat...

Dakota cuisine showcases the bounty of the mountains, plains and rivers of the west. Discover some of our regional specialties during your vacation: Buffalo (steaks, roasts, burgers, jerky), elk, walleye, rainbow trout, pheasant, Dakota Beef and our local twist on foreign recipes: Indian tacos or Cornish pasties (pronounced pass-tees).

Whether you choose from one of the dozens of casual dining eateries or prefer a more upscale fine dining atmosphere, we offer an outstanding variety of restaurants, cafes, chuckwagons and supper clubs. Because the Black Hills is a vacation area, dining ambience here is casual and informal. There is not a single restaurant that would presume to require you to wear a coat and tie. A better choice would be a golf shirt and slacks or a nice blouse and fashion jeans. Even your new Black Hills souvenir t-shirt will fit right in. Bon appetit!


Rhubarb, crab apples, chokecherries, buffalo berries, wild plums. The native fruits of South Dakota, along with recently developed grape varieties that thrive in our Northern Plains climate, make for some unique and delectable fine wines produced by four regional wineries.

Chuckwagon Shows & Dinner

Take in a show and supper at any one of the many Chuckwagon Supper and Dinner Shows.  Enjoy a sample of old-west cuisine with healthy portions of beef, beans and more all while taking in a unique show. This is how the west does dinner and a show. 


Its the laid-back nature of the area that most things are casual and you'll find almost all of the restaurants in the area carry the same approach. Come as you are and enjoy one heck of a good meal.